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Guess it’s time for me to join the 21st century and begin blogging.

The goal here is to share thoughts on a semi-regular basis, to generate discussion, and to share terrific resources and entertainment.

We’ll start out with an easy one. Stress. Stress and legal practice go hand-in-hand. Many lawyers are adrenaline junkies, which despite having advantages at times (such as not ending up in jail) is nonetheless hard on the body. It’s hard on the people who love us, too. The first step to reducing stress is identifying it. So often we become accustomed to the physical tightness that accompanies stress, and we don’t even notice the beginnings until we’re hunched over in agony. Much better to notice the gradual onset of stress before you reach that point, leaving an opportunity to reduce the stress and avoid the agony altogether. So, how stressed are you right now?

Check the picture below of two dolphins playing in the surf…. If you’re stressed, you may notice that something seems to be askew!

Two dolphins

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