Joining in the “Lawyers Appreciate…” countdown

Here’s a list of those who’ve joined in the “Lawyers Appreciate…” countdown. I’ll keep updating it as new posts are added. Thanks to those who are participating!

Added 1/9/07: Although the Lawyers Appreciate… countdown was officialy set to run 12/22-31/06, I’m thrilled to see continuing appreciations! I’ll keep updating as long as legal bloggers keep posting. Appreciate on!

December 22
Austin Defense Lawyer — Jamie Spencer (Lawyers appreciate discussing interesting issues in a collegial atmosphere)

December 23
Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices — Gerry Riskin (Lawyers appreciate the same things other people do)
Settle It Now Negotiation Blog — Victoria Pynchon (Lawyers appreciate integrity)
Workplaces That Work — Blaine Donais (Lawyers appreciate fairness)

December 24
The Lawyer Coach Blog — Allison Wolf (Lawyers appreciate other lawyers who work diligently in service to their clients)

December 25
Counsel to Counsel — Stephen Seckler (Lawyers appreciate the rule of law and separation of powers)

December 26
More Partner Income — Tom Collins (Lawyers appreciate being appreciated)
Lawsagna — Anastasia Pryanikova (Lawyers appreciate their mentors)

December 27
Legal Blog Watch — Carolyn Elefant (Lawyers appreciate their clients)
the [non]billable hour — Matt Homann (Lawyers appreciate gifts. Be sure to read the gifts that Matt wishes for his lawyer friends.)
SETTLE IT NOW BL AR G — Victoria Pynchon (Lawyers appreciate legal bloggers)
Build A Solo Practice, LLC — Susan Carter Liebel (Lawyers appreciate the balue of their education)

December 28
Basquette Case — Basquette (Lawyers appreciate freedom. An exceptional peek into one lawyer’s life.)
Legal Andrew — Andrew Flusche (Lawyers appreciate clients who foster productivity)
Futurelawyer — Richard Georges (Lawyers appreciate those who blog about lawyering)

December 29
Ernie the Attorney — Ernie Svenson (Lawyers appreciate good clients, good judges, other lawyers who are fair and straightforward, and an efficient and sensible legal system)
The Common Scold — Monica Bay (Lawyers appreciate beautiful places and times — can’t begin to summarize this evocative post!)
Robert Ambrogi’s Lawsites — Robert Ambrogi (Lawyers appreciate civility among their peers)
shlep: the Self-Help Law ExPress — David Giacalone (Lawyers appreciate courts friendly to pro se parties)
f/k/a… — Prof. Yabut and dagosan (Lawyers appreciate good haiku)

December 30
Blawg Review — Ed.
Minor Wisdom — Raymond P. Ward
StayViolation — Chuck Newton
Bag and Baggage — Denise Howell
May It Please the Court — J. Craig Williams

December 31
Adam Smith, Esq. — Bruce MacEwen
Home Office Lawyer — Grant D. Griffiths
The Adventure of Strategy — Rob Millard
Transcending Gender — Jennifer Burke
South Carolina Family Law Blog — J. Benjamin Stevens
a fool in the forest — George M. Wallace (also posted on Declaration and Exclusions)
Life at the Bar — Julie Fleming Brown
Online Guide to Mediation — Diane Levin

January 1, 2007
that lawyer dude — Anthony Colleluori

January 6, 2007
Patterico’s Pontifications — Patterico (Prosecutor who appreciates that he (?) can always do what he believes is right; colleagues; and honest and courteous defense attorneys) (Be sure to read the comments for additional appreciation)

January 9, 2007
What About Clients? — J.D. Hull (Appreciating lawyers who practice with enduring joy, enthusiasm, and dedication)

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4 Comments on “Joining in the “Lawyers Appreciate…” countdown”

  1. Lawyers Appreciate Integrity

    Julie Fleming Brown of Life at the Bar and Stephanie West Allen of Idealawg are ending the year with a flurry of appreciation in the legal blogosphere. They each began sending an e-mail to three bloggers asking them to write a post to…

  2. […] Across the “blawgiverse,” law-related weblogs have been closing 2006 with a ten-day Lawyers Appreciate Countdown (find links here).  Each participant “tags” three other webloggers, and Robert Ambrogi brought me into the appreciation circle.  […]

  3. peter vajda Says:

    I so appreciate Basquette Case — Basquette’s response to your request for an “appreciation” piece. What I felt was a true and real human being (not a role or a self-image, but a real person who, by the way, is a lawyer. The depth of her self-reflection, aware, “conscious”, speaking from, what I sensed, and felt was her heart is refreshing. The challenge for the True and Real person to show up, in integrity, and authentically, warts and all, is a breathe of fresh air. For that, I’m appreciateive, and BTW, I’m not an attorney, just coach some along the way.

  4. […] thoroughly enjoyed reading the storm of “Lawyers Appreciate…” posts over the last 10 days!  Each blogger has added a new perspective on what lawyers appreciate and […]

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