About Julie Fleming-Brown

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 I’m Julie Fleming-Brown, an executive coach for lawyers.  Please visit www.LifeAtTheBar.com for information on my coaching services and to sign up for the Life at the Bar Survival Kit, which includes special reports and other tools to help you make the most of your practice.

Through coaching, I work with attorneys to develop the skills necessary to support a successful practice, to build an expanding client base, to take on firm leadership roles, and to integrate their professional and personal lives for maximum effectiveness and satisfaction.  I’m a certified leadership coach (Georgetown University) and a member of the International Coaching Federation, the Metro DC chapter of the ICF, and the Georgia Coaches Association.  Following my 1993 graduation from the Emory Law School and a federal judicial clerkship, I practiced law for more than a decade with firms including Jones Day. I’m a fellow of the American Bar Foundation, and I remain actively involved with the ABA Section of Science and Technology Law, currently serving as Editor in Chief of the Section’s quarterly periodical, The SciTech Lawyer.

I’m passionate about helping lawyers create practices that are profitable (financially and otherwise) and sustainable, practices that leave room for a life.  I enjoy working with law students to help them figure out what kind of practice they really want before they fall into whatever practice might be convenient, and I relish helping lawyers who want to redirect their career path. 

For more about who I am and for access to my full CV, visit this page of my website.

One Comment on “About Julie Fleming-Brown”

  1. Rose Kenyon Says:

    I applaud your insights into the challenges of practicing law. I have often found inspiration in the examples of how other lawyers tackle life and the practice of law. One of my lawyer heroes, Ellen Carpenter, a law school classmate, recently died of a brain aneurysm. Her sudden death has left us breathless, and caused her friends and colleagues to reflect on her noble, but short, life. Ellen’s life was remarkable, not only because of her many great successes, including becoming President of the Boston Bar Association, but because of her qualities as a vivacious, unassuming, ethical and dedicated lawyer and friend. You may wish to profile her since there is so much to learn. Please see her obituary and other writings at http://Www.Boston.com (Boston Globe 12/12/06), http://www.bostonbar.org/ (Boston Bar Association), Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, 12/18/06).

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